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About us

The Clients looking to undertake a project to deploy a mobile device management software, in addition to this RFP they have requested for firms to propose an Innovative proposal based around new and innovative processes regarding mobility that we feel is beneficial to the customer. The scope of the request is broad, however Mobile Data Solutions feels as though our mobility services solution would significantly benefit the University of Calgary.

Mobile Data Solutions Inc. (MDS) assumes the role of a “Dedicated Single Point of Contact” while working as a liaison between Client and the awarded Telco and associated dealer. Mobile Data Solutions provides a comprehensive mobility services solution that consolidates the mobility lifecycle through our specialized support. MDS will work in accordance to procure, receive, configure, deliver and support devices for end users.

MDS is carrier antagonistic and can work with any or multiple carriers and dealers.

The MDS Managed Mobility Service leverages our Order Management System (OMS), Incident Management, Asset Tracking and Billing Management (Telecom Expense Management) services. MDS  provides a high touch model of streamlining hardware procurement to a single point, device configuration and various validation tests before the end users receive their devices – all while working within the clients parameters; in addition to end user set-up and after care support.

Managed Mobility Services provide significant time savings by alleviating internal responsibilities and simplifying all aspects of the mobility lifecycle from procurement, support and billing management. This is proven as our Order Management has helped organizations increase procurement efficiencies by 50%, in addition to a 50% decrease in time spent processing invoices through our Billing Management System. Through time efficiencies lay cost savings in the form of reduced overhead and allow for human resources to be more strategically focused on your organizations core competencies, as well as a 62% reduction in late payment penalties due to increased proficiency processing invoices.

Mobility expenses require review and validation to ensure Clients not overpaying or paying for devices which are no longer in use. MDS Billing Management can provide the Clients up to 45% better audit for refunds and credits secured helping to continuously enhance customer's bottom-line.

MDS has 14+ years in Managed Mobility Services experience and MDS is a customer service first focused company. All our procedures and processes are based around ensuring our customer, customer mobility needs are always met in the most effective and efficient manner; while providing consistency and reliability for all users.

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