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Mobile Management Services


MDS has created a multipurpose Mobile Device Management System in which we are able to manage all aspects of mobile devices. The modules of the Management System create a controlled environment which ensures all aspects of device lifecycle are organized and efficient.​

How We Benefit You

  • Time Savings

  • Daily orders are compiled into one simplified list

  • Orders are tracked in one system

  • Process all plan changes -  Roaming Packages etc.

  • Coordinate all warranty and RMA requests

  • Loaner device pool available

  • Rush and escalations managed

  • Accuracy and accountability

    • New activations

    • Upgrade

    • Changes plans roaming etc.

  • Increased Sales

  • Due to the alleviation of managing day to day tasks for existing accounts

  • Increased Customer Retention

  • Enhanced customer service support

  • Detail reporting on activities

  • Historical reporting

  • Additional services to propose to your clients

How We Benefit your Clients

  • Web based central point of contact

  • Customize solutions based on customer needs – Customer First Focus

  • Relieve internal departments of mobility management and support

  • Transparency of all aspects of mobility environment

  • Assist in creating and implementing mobility policies

  • Consistency for the end user

MDS Management Systems include:

  • Order Management System (OMS)

  • Procurement

  • Incident Management System (IMS)

  • Comprehensive Help Desk Services

  • Large Scale Device Roll-Outs

  • Deployment and Implementation

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