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EMM Services


Mobile Data Solutions Inc. (MDS) assumes the role of a “Dedicated Single Point of Contact” while working as a liaison between our client and the awarded Telco (Rogers) and associated dealers. Mobile Data Solutions provides a comprehensive managed services solution that consolidates the mobility lifecycle through our specialized support. MDS will work in accordance to procure, configure, deliver and support devices for end users.


MDS is carrier agonistic and can work with any or multiple carriers and dealers.

MDS consolidates the mobility process by acting as a Dedicated Single Point of Contact. MDS funnels all mobility activities through one source. MDS alleviates the responsibility of managing multiple suppliers, vendors, providers, and expense management. MDS provides clients consistency, reliability and transparency.


MDS provides a web portal that can be accessed from any internet station. The web portal provides complete visibility into all help desk, ordering activities.


Multiple administrator access is provided which includes multi-level security clearances to all service and ordering tools as required.  Tools can be used to order devices or peripherals, manage existing devices and make or request account changes as required. All activity is logged on a per user basis for clear information tracking.

Tickets include the following information:


  • Ticket Number

  • Issue description

  • User name

  • Contact Information

  • Device Make and Model

  • CTN

  • Request type

  • Order

  • Support

  • Installation

  • Repair

  • Any additional fields

 Real-time work logs are provided with every ticket. All work is recorded in regards to ordering and deployment or fix and resolution of the request. Work recorded within the ticket is all user specific and provided time and date stamps on every activity completed within the ticket.


Work logs include information such as:


  • Work completed 

  • Time Required

  • Vendor Information

  • Approvals required and received

  • Any contact attempts (User, Vendors, Management etc.) (Email or Phone)

  • Resolution


Services Offered:


  • Procurement and Vendor Management

    • Devices, accessories and add-ons

  • Online Order Portal

    • Tickets are created directly in the system

  • Device Configuration

    • Over-the-Air Configurations

    • Varied Complexity

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